Mitigating CVE-2023-23397 Critical Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability

CVE-2023-23397 is a critical privilege elevation/authentication bypass vulnerability in Outlook. To mitigate the risks associated with this vulnerability, security administrators can perform several steps to reduce the risk of exploitation: In addition to these steps, it’s always a good practice to exercise caution when opening email attachments from unknown or untrusted sources and verify theContinue reading “Mitigating CVE-2023-23397 Critical Microsoft Outlook Vulnerability”

Best Practices for Incident Management

A typical starting point for managing service requests and incidents is the ITIL v4 framework. If you don’t already have an IT Service Management System then you definitely have some homework on your plate. The life cycle for service requests and incidents is explained in detail by ITIL but without prior knowledge of the frameworkContinue reading “Best Practices for Incident Management”