Managed Operations

Not only do you need to think about managing your own internal operations but you should be managing your outsourced IT services as well. For example, are your outsourced partners adhering to your organizations own business requirements for things like security and privacy? Managing operations effectively typically begins with documentation that is referenced frequently andContinue reading “Managed Operations”

Managed Service Requests and Incidents

A typical starting point for managing service requests and incidents is the ITIL v4 framework. If you don’t already have an IT Service Management System then you definitely have some homework on your plate. The life cycle for service requests and incidents is explained in detail by ITIL but without prior knowledge of the frameworkContinue reading “Managed Service Requests and Incidents”

Managing Vendors

Vendors are necessary for business survival. Without vendors businesses would need to reinvent the wheel for every component of the enterprise. Business leaders will need to deal with vendors in order to furnish their businesses with everything from the very basics such as facilities management systems to the enterprise application databases that staff use toContinue reading “Managing Vendors”

Managed Projects

Managing projects effectively should be a high priority for small and medium enterprises [SMEs] considering that SMEs operate in largely a project based environment. With such a huge focus on projects and their success its important to consider standard documentation frameworks such as PMBOK for starters. And without a standard project application platform tasks areContinue reading “Managed Projects”

Recovering from a ransomware incident

The state of ransomware at the moment should be a reason for everyone to take notice. This isn’t just a problem for IT departments but for all of us because they are impacting the institutions that we rely on to provide services every day. The rise in incidents is alarming and according to experts theContinue reading “Recovering from a ransomware incident”