Summer Vacation 2021

This summer has been hot and there’s a heat wave predicted today.

I’m guilty. I haven’t referred to my blueprint for a few weeks. Perhaps its because I’m on vacation now and have been concerned with resting and relaxing above and beyond all else. But wait – now that I think about it resting and relaxing are a part of my blueprint; taking care of myself and getting some good sleeps in, exercising: yoga and a long bike ride. I’ll be heading to Victoria tomorrow for a few nights and Whistler next week for a few nights; spending time with family. No I’m good; I’m exactly where I need to be.

I know some people who feel guilty for taking time out though, they just can’t seem to slow down. They prioritize work over all else but that isn’t the point of life. We’re here for a good time, not a long time as the band Trooper says,

“A very good friend of mine

Told me something the other day

I’d like to pass it in to you

‘Cause I believe what he said to be true

He said

We’re here for a good time

Not a long time

So have a good time

The sun can’t shine every day”

Vacation is a sacred time and time to reflect and empty our mind of the troubles of working. It’s time to read a paper book and put down the devices that we tether ourselves to every waking moment. It’s time to move out of our regular routines and take the family on a boat and float out to sea. It’s time to explore forests, lakes and mountains. And time to be artistic perhaps through photography, drawing or painting. It’s time to pick up the guitar and time to put the needle on the record as the band MARRS would say,

Put the needle on the record

Put the needle on the record

When the drum beats go like this

Pump up the volume

Pump up the volume

I’m looking forward to a few more weeks off and I’ll write about some of the highlights here. The last few days have been awesome. My daughter celebrated her 13th birthday. Last night we went to downtown Vancouver and ate at Jinya Ramen Bar on Robson Street. The day before that I went on a 37 km bike ride from Rupert and Kingsway to False Creek and then around Stanley Park. Tomorrow is the ferry ride over to Saanich and Victoria.

Overall the vacation was a relaxing success. Some of the highlight from my time off included:

  • A bike ride around Victoria with my brother in law
  • Floating in a boat in Shawingan Lake
  • Dim Sum in downtown Victoria
  • Malahat Skywalk
  • Dumplings at Dinesty on Robson Street
  • Alice and Brohm ice cream in Squamish
  • Splitz Grill burgers in Whistler
  • Hilton hotel in Whistler Village
  • Blackcomb and Peak to Peak Gondola
  • La Cantina taco bar
  • PNE and the Superdogs show

It was a good time and now I’m back at work refreshed and ready to rule the world. Good times. There’s still a few more weeks of summer left and I’ll be enjoying some more time away from the computer and spinning some records like Thievery Corporation’s Symphonik.

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